Who can come to Show Up & Write?

We currently offer bootcamps to groups of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and assistant professors in Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Retreats are open to all early-career researchers: graduate students, postdocs, independent scholars, people on the tenure-track, and others. Not sure if you’ll be a good fit in a retreat? Please contact us at letitia [dot] henville [at] gmail [dot] come or on Twitter @showupandwrite.


What’s the difference between a bootcamp and a retreat?

A bootcamp is a one-, two-, or three-day event in which writers get together and type furiously during structured writing periods, with breaks for stretching, eating, or chatting about academic editing strategies.

A retreat is a three-day, two-night writing intensive, usually held over a holiday long weekend. During retreats, Letitia arranges all the logistics concerning accommodation and food. All you have to do is show up.


How much do bootcamps and retreats cost?

Letitia is still working out these details, but she is aiming to keep all costs as low as possible. The biggest costs have to do with space, food, and insurance.

Current estimates are that bootcamps will cost $15-20/day (less if hosted by an academic group on campus), and overnight retreats will cost around $185/day, including food and accommodation.


Can my food intolerances, allergies, or needs be accommodated at a retreat?

Letitia will be buying most of the food for our first retreat, in November 2018, at Costco. She’s aiming to provide low-cost but reasonably healthy meals. There may be pizza or pasta involved, though, fair warning.

At this time, she is only able to provide food for meat-eaters and lacto-ovo vegetarians. She’s hoping to bring in more flexibility for kosher, halal, vegan, and gluten-free diets in the future.

With apologies, she’s not able to guarantee allergen-free meals at this time.


What are the sleeping arrangements for the first overnight retreat?

The lowest cost ($430) is available for those willing to share a bedroom (either a king-sized bed or two single beds). For those who want their own bedroom, the total cost will be $780 ($430 + a $350 ‘single supplement’ fee).

You can either sign up with a friend or partner, or you may request to be paired with another person of the same gender. Please note that priority for the November 2018 bootcamp will go to those who are able to sign up with a partner or who are able to pay for a single room to themselves.


What will we be doing when we’re not writing?

Eating and sleeping. Maybe going for a walk, or participating in a yoga class if one of the participants wants to organize that. The real focus, though, will be pushing your academic writing forward.

If you want to bring a 5-10 page writing sample, Letitia would be happy to review it and come up with some targeted editing strategies & resources just for you.


I’m able to get a group of graduate students together. Can I hire Show Up and Write to organize and host our retreat  (10-14 people) or bootcamp (25-40 people)?

Oh yes. Just not until September 2018 at the earliest.


What is your refund policy?

Payment in full (via email money transfer) is required to reserve your seat in a bootcamp or overnight retreat.

For our November 2018 retreat, we regrettably cannot offer refunds for any reason, including a medical emergency. Letitia is running this first retreat at a very low cost, because it is the first time she has run a retreat, and so she cannot afford to offer a refund on cancellation. However, you are welcome to find a substitute to take your place.